2009 Texandance International Film Festival Award Winners

The Wurst Trailer:   Paul Blaskowsky for “The Fab Four”

The Wurst Film:  Alex Alston for “Tom’s Death”

wurst  (wûrst, wrst) n.  Sausage.

[German, from Middle High German, from Old High German; see wers- in Indo-European roots.]

The Wurst Trailer and Wurst Film are films that deserve special recognition

because of their incredible ability to hold our attention.

Best Trailer:  Jeffrey Chafin for “Assault of the Evil Meteor”

Best Dirty Movie:  Nima Ghamari for “Dirty Money”

Best Drama:  Brevig Madison for “The Coffee Shop”

Best Comedy:  Josh Bass for “Joey and Jerome’s Artistic Meaningful Independent Film”

Best Documentary:  Philip Klein for “Begging for Billionaires”

Best Director:  Anthony Henslee for “Palo Pinto Gold”

Best In Show:  Denn Pietro’s for “Freezer Geezers”

Best Short:  Scott Hanson’s for “Parts”

Best Family Film:  Keith Thomas for  “Click Clack Jack”

Texandance International Film Festival

New Braunfels, Texas • June 5-7, 2009